My Mystery Monday Friend


I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I have been blessed with some amazing friends. I thought I would introduce you to them in a mystery format... I will reveal this person on the next day.... if you want to guess feel free...

true friendship quotes 7This person brings joy wherever they go....To say that this person has a love for people is an understatement. People are always around their house. They love to have fun all the time and often motivate me to get out of my box, when I don't want to...I always know where I stand with this person.


This friend is extremely blunt but always has my best interest at heart. This friend is always concerned about the fact that I don't eat enough food and will nag me until I can't take it anymore and I give in. I have enjoyed many different types of food because of my time with them.  


Mother Teresa Friendship QuotesThis friend is highly adventuresome and has rubbed off on me in tremendous ways.This friend has traveled all over the world. Visiting with this person in Florida was a wonderful time. This person met me unexpectedly years ago and we became instant friends.


This person loves Christmas and likes to have festive activities with lots of people around.This friend is a great listener and always makes me feel better even when I am venting and self centered.


This friend has helped me see myself through a different lens. This friend has never see me as limited and when others have seen my life as tragic this person has not. This friend has always helped me celebrate my life.This friend has the greatest sense of humor and has made me laugh hysterically on numerous occasions.Some of their stories are beyond comical.  



bless friendgraphic

This friend is not a care taker and will gladly let you know that. It is not their gift. This is a person hates hospitals and they would be the last person I would ever ask to go with me to the hospital because all the color drains from their face because they feel helpless.


This friend is extremely direct and will get in my face whether I like it or not.This friend truly cares for my well being and often calls to check on me...


This special friend shares my love for the Bible, Jesus, books and movies... and conversation.I am so thankful that I met this person years ago in a crowd of people and was truly sweating because I am a serious introvert and this person immediately put me at ease... This person believes that America should not be a melting pot but a place where all ethnicities should be welcomed and celebrated.

To this wonderful friend... I simply can't find the words to express my gratitude. Thanks for making me feel special when I didn't think I was strong enough or smart enough to make it. Thanks for standing behind me whole-heartedly as I make the transition to full time missionary work! I love you and am a better person because of you. Thanks for never giving up on me!

                                                                                  good friendship quotes 8