Al's Monday Mystery Friend Revealed



This was a great deal of fun. I have had a number of guesses and the person who was my mystery friend did figure it out and so did one or two of my readers.

                                                                                    Meet Allison Nuckolls


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Allison and I met about seven tears ago when I attended a teacher conference. I was scared to death as I was by myself. Allison met me and she and her friend Pam let me hang out with them the entire conference. 


 After that conference I ended up meeting her husband Dave, who is my webmaster and the rest as they say is history. Allison has a seminary degree in Missions. She has a Masters in Education and has her own organizing business. She as a wicked sense of humor and if you don’t want an honest answer to a question don’t ask her. I often spend Christmas and part of the summer with Dave and Allison in Louisville, Kentucky. I experienced Allison's distaste for hospitals when I was doubled over with a microscopic kidney stone. She truly looked like Casper the friendly ghost. Two Christmases ago I spent time in a hotel on Christmas Eve because the floors of their house was being done. Someone was not happy! Out of the blue, Dave and Allison surprised me with a fabulous dinner at the MELTING POT!!! It is one of their favorite places to eat and it is my all time favorite! They didn't know! I seriously cried. Real men do cry! Just sayin... Jesus wept! If He could so can I! Nufs said!

Allison loves books,the Blue Angels and has a secret crush on Jimmy Stewart. She loves to cook and entertain and I am so glad! Allison is an incredible joy to me and so many others. Here’s to you, Miss Allison!


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