When Things Seem Impossible...

I love the fact and reality that God loves me and wants to hear what I want to tell Him and loves it when I spend time relating to Him from a place of trust knowing that He has my back at all time!

For the last few days I have been meditating on the fact that all mankind has been designed to be in a vital relationship with God. I am finding these days that I can't plan my day, have a conversation or attempt anything without humbling myself before the  Lord willingly and consistently with an attitude of authentic praise and worship. 

When my worship is sincere and authentic I am exalting my Heavenly Father. I get to lovingly and jubilantly tell Him how awesome and mighty and magnificent He is.

When I come to the Lord humbly, that means I am submitting everything to Him , my heart, soul and my mind and asking Him to examine them and help me change.

As I truly look to him an incredible thing happens in my heart and mind. God helps illuminate what is really in my heart. 

Sometimes, I am defensive because I don't want to see my sinful heart. Other times, I am able to be pliable and broken before Him and He meets me tenderly and addresses my concerns and hurts. 

It is amazing... When I come to the Lord in authentic praise, worship, and prayer God not only allows me to see and voice my volatile emotions and attitudes; He brings me new revelations about what I was feeling and why. 

He often transforms my thoughts, feelings and helps me see myself and others in a different light. It is almost as if He pulls back the curtain on my life.

He sets me free to see Him and myself as hopeful and valuable and this almost always leads to  some kind of change. I think differently about someone or a situation. I am able to make amends with someone or something willingly. As I obediently do what God has shown me, I am set free and He opens my eyes and heart to so that I can walk in freedom, peace and hope and have the ability to selflessly reach and touch others lives and be touched by others as well.

I love it that God waits for you and I to come and spend time with Him daily. Don't you?