What's Wrong With Me?

IMG 0577What's Wrong wth me? Why do people act like I'm strange? No one wants to get to know me or be my friend said the 21 young lady with Down's Syndrome. No one ever comes over. I get so lonely and all I want is a friend...

A crying mother, that I had met some time ago, brought her daughter to come and see me. Her mother explained that they had tried churches and people made fun of the young lady. Her mother told me that this young lady sees the good in everyone. My heart was breaking as I was listening to the articulate young lady share her feelings.

I know I am not as smart as everyone else. I know that I can't do all the things that other people can. I love everyone and feel like everyone is special. If God created me and Jesus loves me, then why can't other people love me too and be my friend....It's just not fair!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder 1659226

The young woman screamed. I told her that I completely understood her feelings. Some people just do not know how to look at people through Jesus' eyes like you do. Why not? Some people choose to only see the outside of a person and not the inside. Jesus doesn't do that... said the young lady. You are right, neither do a lot of people you just got to keep looking for them. I smiled at the mom and the young lady. It was clear that this lady's parents had done a great job teaching her the Bible, more importantly about Jesus,and His love for others.

Well, I'll tell you what? Until you find a person that will accept you just the way you are, I will be your friend. Mom and dad can bring you over to see me and we will be all be friends together. I can always use great friends like you and your mom and dad. How's that? The young lady and the mother smiled. The young lady smiled and said that's great! Before we go, can I have a hug... I looked over at her mom, who now had tears of joy and was shaking her head in agreement. I gave the young lady a hug and she shouted Mom, I just got hugged by Jesus. I smiled and said, Jesus hugged you though me....

This story reminds me that I need to be careful to have my Father's Eyes when looking at people. God created every human being with the desire for relationships and to be loved. There are many people who are looking for connection and understanding... I am sharpening my Father's Eyes... Will you join me?



Got an excited call today. The young lady excitedly told me she found a great friend in her neighborhood. She told me that we could still be friends. I smiled and said ok.God is so Good!