Dad Loved to Hunt Part 2

Not only was my dad an avid fisherman, he was also consummate hunter. He hunted squirrel, rabbit, Canadian Geese and his favorite – deer. I hunted with dad for about four years. He taught me how to hunt with a rifle and bow and arrow.


I didn’t enjoy getting up early Saturday mornings to go with dad to scope out the perfect place to get a deer. Dad loved the thrill and excitement of anticipating and outsmarting deer. He knew where to sit and taught me how to look at tracks and fields of corn in order to locate deer.

I loved watching dad hunt. He was very quiet and had a steady hand. He was a skilled marksman. When he caught a deer in his eyesight he would tell me that this one was going to be dinner tonight. He got a smile of victory on his face, took his stance, carefully aimed and before you know it, he was dragging that deer back to the car to take home.

I was proud of dad. I was not excited about seeing a bloody deer. I reminded dad that I would not be eating dinner that night. He informed me that it was ok because it meant more for him! I enjoyed my time with dad that day. I had no idea what he had in store for me on our next trip.