Special Memories and ....Unchristian... Am I?


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As I think back over this past year I have had many things to celebrate.  Erica, a young lady I "Mannied when she was 9 just  married to her first-love Chad Ingram. Her wedding was a dream come true. I got a chance to dance the night away and Chad, her brother, whom I also "Mannied when he was seven was also at the wedding. It was great to see "my family" again.

This year Iwas able to experience life changing inner healing through Elijah House and I am finally on the road to a life long passion and dream of helping others to listen to and care for others. 


                                  Unchristian: Am I ???? 

I have been haunted by the startling realities for Christianity that David Kinaman presents in his book Unchristian. Christianity has an image problem!” According to a recent study by the Barna group in the book Unchristian by David Kinnaman over 24 million young people ages 16-29 have a negative view of Christianity…“To the young outsider, Christianity is old fashioned, too involved in politics, out of touch with reality, insensitive to others, not accepting of other faiths, and confusing.”

I am constantly meeting people who do not want to have anything to do with Christianity.

In my prayer time this morning  I asked the Lord how was I helping this stigma. I was struck by the fact that I have a tendency to not be the best listener to my friends, although I try with all my heart to be. I can be selfish and self centered and prideful. I love to gve and am learning how to graciously receive. Needless to say, I spent time praying and repenting and asking the Lord to help me be a better reflection of him. 

So, as I began to think through Jesus’ life  I was struck with the way that He cared and interacted with people on their terms. He was an incredible listener. He only said only what he needed to say and he helped people find their own solutions. He affirmed and empowered people from the guilt and shame they had experienced just by showing them empathy and helping them lovingly be restored.I have a new resolve to be better in these areas and to let God use others to comfort, encourage and help me in my times of weakness. I would ask you to remember me in your prayers and ask you to join me in showing people a more authentic persona of Jesus to our world.