Cafe Mimosa- Great Vietnamese Dining

FullSizeRenderOn of the major things I love about visiting Dave and Allison is that I never know what to expect. They always seem to push me out of my same old routines in some form or fashion. As many of you are aware, I am not a foodie. I have certain places I frequent and I usually order the same thing. Food is not an experience for me it is a necessity for living. Last night they wanted to expose me to Vietnamese food so off we went in search of a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.


 It was pouring down rain and with the help of Siri we arrived at a Vietnamese sandwhich shop to which Dave had a few choice words. So, we finally arrived at Cafe Mimosa. According to the internet, Cafe Mimosa specializing in Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese fine dining.So. as we made our way to our seats there was a black blob sitting on my chair. I didn't quite know what to do. Allison picked it up and noticed that it was a huge piece of glass. Thankfully I didn't sit on it or we would have made a trip to the Er- to which Allison informed that she would not be taking me because it's Dave's turn.  The atmosphere was very conducive to having an enjoyable meal with great conversation. The colors were warm and the decor was soothing. The person who served us was incredibly kind, knowledgeable and attentive. I learned that Vietnames food is very healthy. It is usually fresh, grilled and uses the leanest of meat.

I tried a number of things last night and have to say I loved every bite of everything. The sushi was amazing. We shared Strawberry Salmon, Scallop and Avacodo and Spicy Tuna. It was yummy. We also had Vietnamese spring rolls. They were also out of this world.

Then a huge bowl of piping hot Lemongrass soup came and I was not sure I was going to eat any of it. It was the most amazing part of my meal. It was spicy and had a peppery flavor to it that had a deceptive kick. I tearing up as I ate and it cleared up any sinus problems I may have had. Allison asked me if I was flirting with her because I was batting my eyelashes at her. I informed her that my eyes were watering and she handed me a tissue as she laughed. I am ashamed to say that I almost ate the entire bowl of soup and was sad when it ended. Dave's Vietnamese chicken curry was tasty and flavorful.

When my main entree came I was like there is no way. I ordered a Pork Chop Combo that had large shrimp marinated and grilled, with a pork chop that was pan fried over a colorful bed of vegetables and brown rice. The Pork chop was tender,tasty and way too much to eat so I brought it home to eat for lunch.

Allison got this gleam in her eyes and had this wicked smile on her face and asked me if I wanted to share a dessert. I of couse said yes. So, we ate a rum drenched piece of Tiramisu.

If you are ever in Louisville and want to try some equisite Vietnamese cuisine- Head to Cafe Mimosa. I know I wil. Thanks Allison and Dave.