Equipping Ministries International Here I Come!!!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and listened to me as I have navigated through a  process of clarification and reflection during 2015. After reading and hearing about Jonah, Gideon and Peter walking on the water CONSTANTLY, I finally realized that God was trying to get my attention. Instead of just trusting Him, I continued to kick, question and tried to do something else. After all of the things that I tried kept leading back to full time ministry. I decided to finally surrender!

I have always wanted to use my love for effective Christian Education and training people in pastoral care principles in a full time capacity but considered it risky and scary. As young as 12, God called me to serve Him as a missionary, but it just seemed daunting and overwhelming – out of reach. One of the main reasons was my lack of trust in God to provide financial support for missionary work because I have always been self-sufficient and would now have to raise my own support.

Since early September, I have been discussing opportunities with Equipping Ministries International (EMI).  I am overjoyed  that I have been accepted as a Facilitator with Equipping Ministries International and my training begins in January 2016!

Equipping Ministries International has been training missionaries from 90+ countries and  over 500K church leaders and lay people in relationship skills for 35 years. EMI is based in Cincinnati and has been endorsed by Dr. Henry Cloud and other Christian psychologists.After spending a week at EMI Cincinnati with missionaries from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Italy, China and Fiji my heart was touched to the point of tears. Specifically, I remember standing around a campfire and listening to people share stories and sing in their native languages and I knew that this was the full time ministry over which I had agonized, sought counsel and finally found. 

 This ministry currently offers about 17 courses that are interactive, easy to teach, comprehensive and economical. The courses are constantly being revised two the content remains relevant. I feel like a kid in a curriculum candy store!  Listening, renewing the mind, grace, freeing the family, evangelism, couples are just a few of the topics EMI offers. 


Taking this opportunity is a leap of faith for me, but it makes me happier than I can say.  EMI has some of the most passionate, seasoned and fun loving servant leaders I have ever met. Dave and Pam Ping have been with EMI since 1989.

EMI will afford me the opportunity to be trained by innovative instructors on how to best use, train, create and develop Christian curriculum that is user-friendly and economical.  I will then begin traveling throughout the US while also working with churches overseas to effectively using EMI materials. While I will be headquartered in Richmond, I will travel as needed for training in the US and abroad.


Thanks for praying for me as I make this transition. 

I am finally Jumping out of my boat!