Happy Birthday Chad, July 1, 1977

Happy Birthday Chad, July 1, 1977 

IMG 0297IMG 1022One of the most special times of my life was when I was asked to be a "Manny" for Bob and Karen Slowik's  two children Erica and Chad Slowik  Bob was a pilot and  his wife, Karen was a dental hygenist. I enjoyed spending time with both kids.

Chad was always a young man who had strong opinions on just about everything.  I think he still does. I will never forget the huge smile he often had on his face. Chad  was always golfing, flying airplanes and sleeping, as I recall. One of the lessons that I wish I had learned at Chad's young age was to be yourself. Chad had the ability, as a young man, to know what he liked and what he didn't. He was also a young man who was loyal to his friends and his values. I remember having many deep conversations with Chad and miss those days.


I learned from Chad to NEVER touch his birthday Key Lime pie. One day I tried to test the waters and grab a slice of his pie and almost lost my hand. There were very few desserts Chad  enjoyed eating. So, when his birthday came around Chad indulged himself and ate a whole pie by himself. Karen often made another one so I could have a piece. Thanks Karen!

Chad always loved flying planes and I am proud to tell you that Captain Chad  Robert Slowik graduated from Embry-Riddle in 2002 and is currently flying for Republic Airlines.  Chad, I am proud of you in so many ways. Hope you have a great birthday! I thank God for the day you were born! Just so you know, I love Key Lime Pie to this day! I guess we have that in common- if you are ever around on my birthday-I'll gladly share a huge slice of mine and you'll be able to keep your fingers and hand in tact.

Here's to you, Captain Slowik!