Dad Was a Great Cook Part 4


One of the things I loved about my dad was his ability to cook. Dad was one of nine children. His father died in a fire when he was four years old. So he was raised by one of his sisters because his mother worked long hours to provide for her family. My dad loved his mother very much and from what I am told learned to cook at an early age to help out around the house.


Friday nights were special times at our house. My two brothers and my sister couldn’t wait until dinner time because dad would always make something special. Dad made everything from scratch. He loved making pizza, lemon meringue and banana pies and his spaghetti was not ordinary. It was spicy. He used chili powder, ketchup, green peppers, hamburger or sausage and prepared it in a skillet.

Rib night was my favorite! I’d walk into the house and smell this delicious homemade barbecue smell and my taste buds immediately started salivating. Dad’s ribs were always tender and the meat fell off the bone. The sauce was sweet and tangy. I sucked every bone dry until I could get every drop of sauce.

Dad’s banana cream pie was out of this world. It was creamy and silky and chock full of bananas and had a flaky crust that would melt in your mouth. Dad didn’t usually eat desserts but he did eat banana cream pie. Dad knew how much I loved his banana cream pie so he would often hide a piece just for me and whisper to me where it was for the next day.

Banana cream pie is still one of my favorite pies and memories of my dad to this day!