June Missionary Newsletter

"I hate Christians! They are judgemental, hypocritical,  unforgiving, narrow minded, cliquish people that  see people as projects. Christians are brainwashed people who don't live in the real world and are some of the most unfriendly people I have ever met." said a 70 year old man. I really wanted to hear the man's story so I politely asked him if he would share his story with me.

For the next hour the man talked with great passion about the hypocrisy he had experienced with the church. When the man finished, he thanked me with tears in his eyes. I told the man it was my pleasure to listen to him. The perplexed man  asked me how I became so kind, easy to talk to and understanding. He told me he had never felt  so safe and told me things he had never told anyone. I  told him that Jesus had changed my life and I wanted to help others experience what I had. The man prayed with me and accepted the Lord that day and is in a thriving church today... all because someone listened. ...

"God... I have always taught elementary school. I have taught for about 30 years and I have enjoyed it and have served faithfully and have had financial security. I have never been in want or need and I have never had to ask anyone for help with my personal needs, not even you. Now, you are asking me to leave my security of teaching and follow you in full time Christian missionary work.... 

This conversation with God  began a seven month time of intense prayer, fasting,  introspection, consultation with pastors, life-long friends,  As I began to pray about my trust and security issues I realized that  I had been taking credit for providing for myself when God had been doing it all along. After accepting God's call to missionary work. I found Equipping Ministries International and started training, facilitating classes and teaching for them and have been working with them for the past nine months. EMI has been effectively reaching people with the Gospel for over 35 years both stateside and globally. This organizations training classes are current, comprehensive, economical, carefully designed for “multiplication” and are easy for volunteers to effectively use. EMI is dedicated to “making disciples of all nations”. 

In April, I had the opportunity of teaching and serving in EMI's International School of Service. Over 14 missionaries from Africa, Thailand, The Ivory Coast and Fiji as well as the United States come together for over 60 hours of relationship training. What was really touching to me was when when three African pastors and officials remarked that the training was powerful. The men were often in tears and said they appreciated the opportunity to be real and let their emotions flow because where they come from they can't. Effective listening is powerful. I have been invited to go to Africa to teach three classes  for a month. Details are still being worked out. I never dreamed of going to Africa but if He calls me, I will go!

In addition to working with EMI, I have been investing my life in mentoring men and couples in love, sex and dating, facilitating prayer sessions with the Elijah House School of Prayer material, making hospital visits and loving people in Jesus' name. Over the last six months the Lord has used me to help 7 Muslims, 8 Jehovah Witnesses, 5 Atheists, 4 Mormons and 3 Agnostics come to know the Lord and get plugged into a church.I have had the privilege of helping suicidal teens, young women who have been raped and flight attendants find new life in Jesus. I am also training  as a Hospice bereavement counselor and a lead trainer for Al-Massira, a ministry that works with exposing Muslims to the Gospel.

When God called me as a  full time missionary I became self supporting and am responsible for raising all of my monthly living expenses.This has been a huge change for me as I have always been a person who has given and had a hard time asking for help and  receiving monetarily. I believe that God is calling me to give my life away for His kingdom. I also believe that He will provide for my every need if I am obedient to His leading, and make His needs for me known. Would you pray with me that God would raise up people who would financially support my ministry  monthly so that I can come alongside churches and organizations and help them. If you are so led, would you share my ministry needs with your friends and churches and invite them to get involved.. I honestly never thought the day would come when I would whole heartedly be able to serve Him in a missionary capacity.

People need a safe place where they can be listened to, affirmed and genuinely cared for and this comes through relationships. God has called me to be faithful and help others to be Faithful , by helping them develop healthier Relationships, beginning with Encouragement that will foster Empowerment and independence over time.

PRAY… for my transition into the role of a missionary as I learn new curriculum and cultures.

PRAY…for God to lead you in your decision to support and partner with me as I minister to others.

Your generous financial support enables me to continue the work God is doing, both in my ministry and the global effort to share the Gospel with the entire world.

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