Be Encouraged

D180FD0E E8DC 41D7 AE85 38A361FEFD3BWhen I think of the word encouraged I get an image of two people walking together respectfully and offering support, confidence and hope to each other so that positive changes stimulate new positive changes and healthy growth in each other. It is my hope that you will feel through the contents under this tab that God loves you and you are not alone. It is my prayer that you will find support and future as you grow.

The Greek word for Encourage “parakaleo” appears 105 times in the New Testament. When this word is used in the Bible it is used to to denote that someone has been called to someone’s side in order to teach, comfort, strengthen or push them to act a certain way.

Encouragement is a powerful relational tool that was modeled for all mankind since the beginning of time. When God created Adam and Eve He enjoyed them and would walk with them daily in Genesis 3. Jesus, throughout his 33 years on earth spent time relationally encouraging others- meaning He walked and talked and inspired people to change.

Encouragement can come in many different forms. It can be physical- just being there, not saying a word, listening giving an appropriate touch. emotional-letting a person know that they will make it one step at a time… Spiritual- praying for someone when they need hope. The important thing to remember when offering encouragement to someone- they are not advised unless they ask for it and they are never preached to.