War Room A Movie Must See!!!

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If ever there was a time for prayer in our nation it is now.  The War Room is more than a movie about the power and necessity for effective prayer. It is a movie that Christians need and one that non-believers will embrace because it seems that in crisis, many people are open to prayer but don’t know how.

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The War Room is the latest offering from the Kendrick Brothers. They have brought Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous among others to the big screen. This is by far their best effort yet!


The War Room is about an older woman who is selling her house and the natural relationship that evolves between the two women.

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The movie reminds us how the investment of two people into a weekly relationship can effectively impact an entire family. 


The beautiful thing about this movie is that it is natural. The way the two women are drawn together is masterfully done. This is the way Christians should develop relationships with people. So many Christian movies are filled with Christianize or dialogue that just wouldn’t be used. Not so here. The characters are believable and natural. The story line moves at just the right pace and it does a great job in modeling effective prayer strategies and the necessity for one on one mentoring.

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The War Room packs a tremendous punch. It is a clear reminder that prayer is the only thing that can unite Christians and protect our land. Every Christian needs to see this movie!


I'd like to read your comments about the movie. Tell me what you think!