What Does it Mean to Refreshed?

IMG 1570When I think of the word refreshed I think of bringing new life and hope to a difficult situation. Letting new air into a space that has been closed up makes it vital again. Dusting and cleaning away dirt, clutter and cobwebs also makes a space usable. I also think of men and women who are weary from the ins and outs of dealing with illness. Spirits are lifted when someone comes to chat with them, share a memory or laugh with them. For a moment their gaze on the sameness of their hurt is taken away for a moment. To be refreshed means to give new strength, freshen or to revive.The greek word rendered “refreshing” denotes any kind of refreshment, as rest, or deliverance from evils of any kind Acts 3:19 I like to think of refreshment as cool, clean water given to someone on a hot day. God calls himself the fountain of living waters that can cleanse us from sin (Jeremiah 2:13) and bring regeneration through the Holy Spirit. It is my hope and intent that you will be refreshed through the posts in this section. Laughter, different perspectives and tools , scriptures, music and inspirational thoughts will be available that will aid you in changing your perspective and help you to be encouraged to keep on your journey to health and wholeness. Let’s refresh each other….